Preorder the ECA IDEA Handbook

Preorder the ECA IDEA Handbook

Be brave enough to bring your authentic self to work every day

The European Coworking Assembly (ECA) Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Handbook is a downloadable PDF and audiobook that provides you with the tools to bring IDEA into your organisation, whatever your role.

It covers the IDEA principles in-depth including definitions, case studies, resources and how-to’s to integrate these values within the DNA of your business.

Coworking is founded on five key values, community, openness, sustainability, collaboration and accessibility. Establishing a firm framework in IDEA creates coworking communities that allow people to bring their whole selves to work every day.

Whatever size your organisation may be – freelancer to enterprise level business – or your role within it – owner to dog-walker – you can make a difference in making the people you deal with every day from all walks of life feel included, and this handbook shows you how.

The ECA IDEA Handbook is an additional resource to Cowork Tools, enabling freelancers, small businesses, and medium businesses to grow and do business at a professional level, without having to change the unique personal character that makes them who they are.

The purpose of this guide is to create a sense of belonging through inclusion.
To celebrate the uniqueness that comes with diversity.
To drive a feeling of fulfillment through fair and equitable opportunities.
To welcome people freely, regardless of (dis)abilities through easily accessible spaces.
To make your part of the world larger and better.

Be brave enough to bring your entire self to work every day.

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A word from Jeannine van der Linden, Director of the European Coworking Assembly

“The work of bringing equity to our economic ecosystem is work that is never done. It is a continuous process of review and thoughtful action in a moving and changing environment, and so never can be done. There is never a moment when we can point at our work or anyone else’s and say: it is well done and complete.

“The process of making this book might have begun with a listening tour by the European Coworking Assembly in coworking spaces across Europe to discuss the state of our communities. It may have begun earlier than that, when we started presenting workshops and collaborative sessions at Coworking Europe and other Coworking conferences on what was back then called “Radical Inclusion”.  

“This work calls from us less canniness and more great-heartedness. We have been supported along the way to this book by many people and organisations who were also doing the work, sometimes with us and sometimes alongside us.”

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