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Listen in to hear a guest show hosted by students studying at the European University Viadrina under the tutelage of Johanna Voll the co-founder of the Coworking Library. They are interviewing Caleb Shoop a filmmaker for social change and Tabadul a non-profit association in Berlin.

In this podcast, Sandra, Nikita and Agata ask their guest if the 5 Coworking Values which are-  accessibility, community, openness, collaboration, and sustainability are present and being lived by Coworking communities. And Caleb shares what they do in Tabadul and in MediaResidents, a coworking community he belongs to. 

What does your coworking space do to provide this sense of community?

Everybody that’s even as a small part to do with media residents is and part of the community. And yes as like a, I wouldn’t say responsibility but the privilege to share that community and share and share that with other people and newcomers and the doors are always open to anyone that wants to come in and work on projects.

Supporting refugees or to the media residents also offers to help refugees learn all of this, all of these skills and make life a little easier. Maybe they have a story to tell. 

And maybe they want to make their own video just to just tell their story. And maybe they want to get involved in this career path. And it’s just another way for them to be able to. To make life a little easier here as newcomers in Germany.

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