Steve Pette: Coworking Industry: Connecting with the local community

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Hello folks! Welcome back to another engaging episode of the Coworking Values Podcast. 

This time, our guest is Steve Pette, Founder of Think Hearts + Minds, Co-founder of Central Working and Ormeau Baths. He’s also about to open up another business called Department X — Which is all about bringing together the right sort of people in order to sort of push the whole Coworking hybrid work in methodology. And he would like to be known for as someone who helps drive change for SME in regional areas.

We’ll be delving on how a coworking space or community can contribute to their local community. How to approach the local authorities to see and recognize the industry as an opportunity for local economic growth.

What would be the best approach for a Coworking Space owner to connect with the public and the local authorities?

I think in terms of the local authorities, I think the answer is I can drive jobs, create wealth, and deliver a social value. And to the audience, it would be brewing a community together of like-minded people. I think it’s whenever you open space, it’s always interesting, and probably needed to identify a sector. 

Yeah, you can be agnostic within that as well. So whilst you might focus on, let’s say, digital, but digital is a really broad spectrum. And at the end of the day, if you got a website or a digital business, I do think it’s important to try to sort of build as much diversity as you can bring various people together, you might have a core that sits within it, that could be specific to a certain area. 

If you’re, if you’re in one area where there’s a lot of creatives, then would it be about sort of creatives and technology, creative tech, if you’ve got another area that is surrounded by sort of TV and film, then do you focus on TV and film but you also allow other people in as well. 

The more diverse the community, the better it is. I found over the course because everybody’s got something to offer. And everybody knows somebody else. You have to be the best contact that you’ve ever had.


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How to build a vibrant coworking space with your local authority.


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