Christopher J. Schmidhofer: Cowork2021: We are the Future of Work!

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Hello, Coworkers, and welcome back to this week’s edition of the Coworking values podcast. We have Christopher  J. Schmidhofer who is from the German Coworking Federation. 

Christopher is one of the firsts ones to run a rural coworking space in Germany. And now heā€™s here to talk with us about #Cowork2021: We Are the Future of Work! And weā€™re also going to be talking about the difference of last year to this year for the Coworking community and what are the coming changes as well.

What Do You Think’s Different This Year?

We have a lot of cities, little villages asking about Coworking, because everybody has learned that even the people that are employed, don’t have to drive every day into the next city to work there. 

Because everybody has now learned, hey, remote working really works. So I think that’s a big change, which will be discussed in length at this year’s conference. Because Germany always had this, a lot of Germans always have this, I have to go into my company, I have to drive into the office. And that change is really, really big. 

And even for the villagers, asking us to help them build coworking spaces in those rural areas is a big, big step. And they are also asking the people that work for the city, or for the village, if they can work in the coworking spaces also. 

So I see a huge cultural shift in the whole industry. And I think that will affect all coworking spaces also. Because before that, we mostly had like, self-employed people, people that run their own small or middle-sized companies in the coworking spaces. But I expect to see a lot more employed people, people working for other businesses in the coworking spaces, which is kind of challenging for the coworking spaces for the way we work today. 

But also a huge opportunity to have like, a really good communication around what work really is, and how does it compare to a self-employed unemployed? Worker? And what’s the difference there? And how can they interact? Together so that there is really, really good stuff coming out of it.


Christopher on LinkedIn


German Coworking Federation


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