Christoph and Jeannine: How Blockchain Can Help Coworking – Part One

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Another week and of course, we’re back with another interesting topic for you folks.Ā 

This episode, we have Christoph Fahle , Founder and CEO of One Coworking. He is also the Co-founder and CEO of Betahaus. And our very ownĀ  Director of European Coworking Assembly, Jeannine Van Der Linden, Manager of Dekamer and Managing Partner at One Coworking. She is also the CEO of PayPugs,Ā  a fintech start-up, striving to optimize B2B banking.Ā 

We are going to be talking about Coworking Visa and how coworking stemmed from open source movement rather than what is it known today.Ā We willĀ alsoĀ be easing into the world of Blockchain and how it can help coworking. So wait for the coming episode. We have a lot to talk about blockchain and coworking.

What can you say about about the origins of Coworking from open source movement?

Jeannine: I think actually, it’s that it was an unintentional birth, as it were. I think that a fair number of the original key players that were involved in Coworking when Community Coworking first sort of started to be a thing coming out of the open source movement.

And as a result of that, I think that the values and the approach of the open source movement, which have also translated into a whole portion of the startup movement, got embedded into Coworking in a sort of an unconscious way.

And that started, gosh, back in the early to mid 2000s, I suppose. And I think it was simply a result of the fact that so many of the original folks that were getting together with this idea about open Coworking were coming from the open source movement.

Christoph: I don’t even know how to call it because open source is, you always think about software and the specific process, at least I do, how some open source software is developed, and the underlying values and stuff.

And I was finding myself back in the days with Betahaus, having a company that I wanted to basically make money with, which wasn’t actually the first idea we first we thought we make more like a co op and and and then I was on this Coworking movements reign where we share our knowledge and help other spaces to set up.

I think that’s, that’s basically my take where I started, at some point where we actually an open source company, we because we share all the information of stuff we learned from our business.




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