Ashley Proctor: Transforming Diversity And Inclusion Into Drivers of Growth

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Ashley Proctor is the Founder of Creative Blueprint, Coworking Canada, and COHIP. Creative Blueprint collaborates with local citizens, community organisers, unions, collectives, coworking leaders, community groups, lawmakers, activists, allies, and government representatives as they shape the new work landscape.

Ashley joins Alex for this episode as they talk about the upcoming Coworking Europe Event: How To Transform Diversity And Inclusion Into A Driver Of Growth that is going to be live-streamed on the 1st of December at 14:15 – 15:05 CET. Ashley will be hosting the event with our very own Director, Jeannine van der Linden.Ā 

Some points from the podcast:

  • Some of the problems we’ve issued include: how to develop and organise diverse and inclusive events; and how to support gender equity for working parents. We also discussed using anti-racism tools and coworking spaces, as well as ensuring that your coworking community is accessible in all of the ways we discussed accessibility. Some are relatively basic, such as revising your membership agreement and code of conduct to be more inclusive and to set the tone for the culture you’re attempting to create in your place. So I believe there will be a lot of themes to come. But, in reality, these are only starting points for a conversation. (2.58)
  • It’s actually proving a belief I had early on, that the only way we’ll make major change is collectively. So Coworking suits me. The verb is the future. It’s not just about work. Coworking is how we value people’s health. The social safety net and individuals benefit from it. It’s how we prioritise the needs of our neighbours and coworkers. It’s how we build resilience to future crises. Because similar ideas run through my work with adapt recovery. But I believe in collaboration, thus we may be Coworking. To make the industry or the planet more diverse. We may Cowork. We may be able to build more inclusive and accessible systems by developing networks of mutual aid and communal care. (18.08)

Join some of the coworking industry’s brightest minds as they share their experience and best practises, and help us realise our goal of ensuring that all coworking spaces in Europe and throughout the world nurture a culture of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility.

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Ashley on Twitter

Ashley Proctor: Coworking Canada Unconference 2021

Coworking and Coliving Conference South East Europe

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