Ashley Proctor: Coworking Canada Unconference 2021

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this week’s edition of the Coworking values podcast and our guest this time is a friend, advocate, ally and a generally nice person to be around is actually from Coworking Canada – Ashley Proctor.

And we are going to be deep-diving on their upcoming annual Coworking Canada Conference on June 3rd at 9:00am ā€” 1:00pm (Pacific Time) 12:00pm ā€” 4:00pm (Eastern Time). We are going to be talking about what the unconference is all about. 

And if you are interested in coworking, collaborative spaces, maintaining creative and cultural places, cooperating, building your community, mutual help, communal care, the new work landscape, entrepreneurship and self-employment, helping small companies, building meaningful connections, and defining the future of work, click on the links below and join us on the Coworking Canada Unconference.

What do you have for the Upcoming Coworking Canada Unconference? 

So the topics that we’re going to be discussing come from these conversations we’re having in Canada, and I think you’re seeing that through the conversation. So language just reflects that. 

So talking more about community bonds and Land Trust, talking about collective buying and collaborative advocacy, rather than just, you know, alliances and collectives taking it a step further the advocacy step, talking about cooperative models and the Coworking values and living them in terms of building ownership. And then ethical sponsorships and partnerships. 

It’s just a step deeper, I think, from what we’ve been talking about all along, but it’s really thinking about the kind of recovery that we can have. 

Again, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many of us probably didn’t believe we would get to see. And, so I think it’s essential that we take advantage of it.



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