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June 2019 is the most fun month yet for The London Coworking Assembly.

We started life as a Facebook group in 2014 and in 2018 we worked to re-energise the community and moved to a new platform with a smaller group of highly committed people.

For nearly a year we’ve been quietly gathering independent coworking space owners, researchers, workspace consultants and platform builders in the London Coworking Assembly.

  • Our members run some of the most established independent coworking spaces in London. 
  • We are committed to building a fair, inclusive and thriving coworking industry and movement. 
  • If you are looking for golf days, personalised number plates and long boozy lunches this is not the space for you. 
  • Not based in London? We’re happy to hook you up with a group near you. This is London focused only.

We are supported by primarily by FreeAgent and Included with different industry partners on each event we can connect a lot of dots for our participants.

Every month we run peer to peer-led conversations about how to build a coworking space business.

We also seek conversations that reach way beyond the tired and drab ‘future of work’ debate run by white men in navy blue suits.

Why join Events?

It takes time to build relationships and understanding, and whether you are a consultant, software company or own a handful of coworking spaces, you will benefit from being connected.

So every time you come to an event look at it as a chance to strengthen this network, your network and build the coworking movement. 

Our 2016 #Coliving Experiment

1. 6th June 2019 National Coworking Day 

All the details are in this National Coworking Day Website and you can sign up for June 5th 2020 now!

Coworking is proven to facilitate connection, collaboration, and innovation. National Coworking Day is a collaborative doors open day of coworking spaces across the UK, allowing companies and individuals to experience this for free across the country. 

Jump on over to twitter and see the 100’s of tweets and photos here and all the love our supporter Brewgooder got.

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2. 11th June Our Monthly Breakfast

Every month London Coworking Assembly members meet in a different coworking space for breakfast.

We’re a small and very diverse group of self-organised people who have been in and around London Coworking for the last decade. 

You’ll find a wealth of experience and curiosity at each breakfast session and people stay around to chat and connect further after each event.

This Tuesday we’ll be chatting about “Sales” and what that means, also what is the best value for growing your coworking business, attending a conference or a workshop? 

If you’d like to join future events this link here will take you to the page on the assembly site.

London Coworking Breakfast At Bathtub2boardroom

3. 12th June 2 pm- 4 pm Building the Ultimate Creative Workspace?

This is run by Tuukka Toivonen and Daniel Ospina with Amelia KallmanNeil Usher, Hannah Gibbs and Benjamin Carew – RISE by Barclays is near our friends Workers League and Campfire in Shoreditch.

This afternoon event brings together some of the most creative thinkers and industry rebels from the worlds of coworking, tech and research to explore the future of the ultimate workspace.

The coworking industry, while innovative in some respects, is struggling to fuse space, technology and organisational practice in ways that produce genuinely creative, productive communities.

Addressing this challenge head-on, the speakers featuring in this session will provide an insiders’ view on London’s most cutting-edge workspaces as well as the immersive technologies and more in-depth strategies that will shape tomorrow’s creative workplace.

RSVP for the Creative Workspace event here

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4. 13th June How NOT to waste money on small biz marketing

This neat little event is run by our Brother Ryan Ciecko from FreeAgent and is at Bathtub2boardroom 

The content of the event will be great for those of you who are freelancers, 2-3 people agencies, startups and of course, a small business!

You’ll learn from Lucy Whittington how every £ you have as a small business or startup needs to work hard. And even if you’re not parting with cash for your marketing, ‘time is money’ so you could still be wasting it…

RSVP for How NOT to waste money on small business marketing here 

5. 14th, 15th, 16th June Hack Coworking – Future of Work and Workspaces Hackathon

This Hack Coworking event is put on by the “forces of Nature” who are Coworkies Pauline and Dimitar who have visited around 300 coworking spaces around the world! Keep an eye out for the book of their amazing journey later this year!

Hack Coworking is an event series, created for designers, architects developers, technologists, students, academics, IoT startups, innovators and everyone else interested in the future of work and workspaces.

We focus on understanding the present to design solutions that anticipate, inspire and bring up creative ideas in the form of prototypes with a multidisciplinary approach for what is to come.

RSVP for Hack Coworking event here

6. 17th June Remote Working and the Future of Work

This event will be amazing! Our mates Brittnee and Johny founders of Remote Collective are hosting at Campfire in Shoreditch:

With Steve Munroe cofounder of Hubud and Lead for Storey Club by British Land on the panel alongside Dom from Escape the City, Asa from Buffer and Nadia from Talent Place. 

Brittnee said: “We see the rise of remote work around the world and want to have a more in-depth discussion around it from industry leaders. If you’re looking to create a remote work program within your company or you’re looking to start working remotely, this is the event for you.”

RSVP for the Remote event here 

THE FUTURE OF WORK – Remote Collective Story

7. 26th June Co BBQ at Newspeak House by Brick Lane

This event is a full-blown BBQ and full of fun. Newspeak house has an outside deck and inside space. 

The sponsors of this event are Seats2meet and will be for our community and also the speakers from the Open Coop event below, so lots of ‘future of work and collaboration stuff’. 

When you RSVP on the Seats2meet event app, you’ll be able to connect with other attendees around interests and requests.

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8. 27th & 28th Open Coop –

Join this mix of collaborative working and investigating the cooperative business model from £140 a head! 

The OPEN 2019 Community Gathering is an open space event designed to strengthen the network of communities and organisations that are working on building a collaborative, regenerative economy

Curated by our friends Phoebe Tickell and Nati Lombardo from Enspiral – get more details and your ticket here

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9. Write Club – Every Friday

Also if you are looking for a quiet spot to get some writing done every Friday morning, we run the Write Club at Bathtub2boardroom come in, sit down, write, and that’s it!

Every week authors, freelancers, academics, comedians, marketers, bloggers, developers, event managers, musicians, poets, lawyers and sailors gather around a table to with one goal – work on their writing for two hours.

We even have a podcast where we answer questions about how to get unstuck when creating content listen here.

When the new Mile End Mainyard Studios opens, I’ll run one there too!

Join this MeetUp and RSVP 

Write Club

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