Dear Associated Press: Please Include Coworking (Without Hyphen) in the @APStylebook

Dear Associated Press: Please Include Coworking (Without Hyphen) in the @APStylebook - @CoAssemblyEU -

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I’ve just sent this letter to the President and CEO of Associated Press, Gary Pruitt, to promote a change in their style book, which is used by a majority of English speaking journalists around the world. If you want to see change happening add your signature in the comments, write to the AP yourself and also to other associations, media and software makers that keep on pushing for the use of the “-“. Be polite and take action!

To: Gary Pruitt, President and CEO Associated Press

Dear Mr. Pruitt,

As President of the European Coworking Assembly I would like to ask you if it would be possible to make a small change in the Associated Press Stylebook. It would help the coworking industry a lot to be well referred to in the media and to help the public differentiate between two different but related things: coworking and co-working. Journalists around the world use the AP Stylebook as their main reference and keep on wrongly referring to our businesses with a “-“.

The change we are asking for is to use coworking to refer to coworking spaces and businesses and co-working for the act of working together in the same company. Associated Press is full of co-workers hired by it, but in coworking spaces you find independent professionals, entrepreneurs and teleworkers that work for themselves or their companies but not alone: they are coworkers because the work in the same coworking space.

The coworking industry is newly born, we’ve been around since 2005, and we are growing rapidly. Until February 2015 we’d grown by 81% to 4380 spaces in the world, hosting over 200.000 coworkers. And the numbers keep on growing every year at a similar pace. It reflects the change in global working trends to a more flexible and independent workforce that needs a professional environment and network to thrive.

Looking forward to your answer and to extend this conversation at your convenience.

Best regards,

Ramon Suarez
President European Coworking Assembly
Founder & Serendipity Accelerator at Betacowork Coworking Brussels

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