Coworking pioneers in the Coworking Library

Coworking pioneers in the Coworking Library @CoAssemblyEU

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The Coworking Library is an open interdisciplinary online database with links to all coworking publications. Itā€™s a collaborative project by Deskmag, the German Coworking Federation and with great support from the European Coworking Assembly. Among the 200 entries, we found some that were written by pioneers of the early coworking movement.

We reached out to some of them to find out what they have been up to since publishing their thoughts and guides about coworking.

Tony Bacigalupo

Since co-authoring I’m Outta Here, Tony launched a consultancy and support network for coworking space owners called New Work Cities, where he’s helped hundreds of people start and grow spaces around the world. 

He also joined as a director at, where he has worked to develop and improve the free platforms that power the growth of the movement. 

He is now focused on re-imagining coworking spaces as centers of belonging, as part of a larger mission to address the epidemic of isolation and loneliness that is plaguing the planet. 

He believes the world is in the beginning stages of a renaissance of local community, which is seeded through the simple act of gathering. 

He sees coworking spaces alongside other publicly accessible places as being critical to making that possible. 

To that end, he has co-founded Gathering Lab, which is exploring the ways people create community. Gathering Lab is also conducting its own experiments in fostering belonging. 

Its first endeavour is Gathering Summit, a free online conference, featuring a diverse set of leaders and organisersā€”including nuns, rabbis, coworking space owners, online community managers and more.

Manuel Zea

Manuel wrote Living Coworking back in 2013 and published about the state of coworking in Spain (2014 and 2015). 

He is the founder of, an online platform of coworking spaces, as well as the organizer of the annual Coworking Spain Conference, which took place in Alicante on 24th and 25th of April 2019. 

He is also active as a coworking speaker and founder of Zea Retail.

Cat Johnson

Since writing Coworking Out Loud, Cat has launched the Coworking Content Alliance, a group of 1000+ coworking space operators. 

She teaches monthly content trainings to workspace operators; she publishes the weekly Coworking Out Loud Newsletter, hosts the Coworking Out Loud Podcast and continues to contribute to numerous publications.   

She is currently working on her first full-length book, “Dismantling Loneliness: Finding Ourselves and Each Other Through Coworking.” Look for it in early 2020. More information at and in our Coworking Library.

Ramon Suarez

Since writing the Coworking Handbook Ramon has grown and sold his coworking space to three of its members. 

He has also launched the book in three more languages (French,Portuguese, andDutch). It has sold close to 5000 copies since its launch and has reached Amazon Best Seller lists.

He participated in a lot of coworking conferences in Europe and America as a speaker helping operators out. 

Throughout the last years he has continued promoting entrepreneurship and helping freelancers in Belgium. Now he is in the midst of a challenge to launch at least one business project every month.  

Steve King

Based on a study about loneliness and Coworking Steve King wrote Coworking Is Not About Workspace ā€” Itā€™s About Feeling Less Lonely in 2017. 

Over the past couple of years he has continued researching the future of work. The focus areas have been the rise of the gig economy and independent work, the growth of remote work and digital nomads and the impact of automation and A.I. on work. Emergent Research has also continued to work on coworking, includingour annual industry forecasts done in partnership with GCUC.

He also wanted to share this Business Week article written in as early as 2007, when Steve first got into researching coworking. This might be the first mainstream media article on coworking ever. It references their first study mentioning coworking.

Angel Kwiatkowski

Angel has written four books – especially guides on how to start a coworking space, that we collected in our library

Lately, she has been busy spending her maternity leave thinking up ways to propel Cohere into the next wave of coworking…whatever that might look like!

Taylor Tran

Taylor wrote Innovation Coworking in 2017 and since the book was published, he has done a lot more roadshows of regional coworking spaces across Australia and beyond.

He is currently working on his next book taking a deeper look at flex workers and the new breed of coworkers. He is tracking the trends of corporate people in particular who are deciding to work more flexibly and remotely. They are seeking to travel LESS to the Central Business District (or Downtown as they say in the US). They work locally in their own suburb (due to the rise and availability of coworking). They use less ‘energy / carbon emission’ contribute to less ‘travel congestion’ in big cities and live more sustainably (mental health wise also). They are also able to be closer to schools and their children and have a more rewarding family lifestyle. These are all the benefits that coworking are bringing to the new economy.

He hopes to launch the book later in the year. We will make sure to have it in the Coworking Library as soon as it is out!

Carsten Foertsch

Carsten has been conducting the Global Coworking Survey since 2010 – the core resource when it comes to quantitative coworking data. Many outcomes of the annual survey can be accessed through our database

His online magazine Deskmag has become the unofficial medium of the coworking movement featuring many guest authors from academia, coworking alliances and several coworking spaces that are well known in our growing coworking world. 

He is an active speaker on the stages of global coworking conferences, member of the German Coworking Federation and co-founder of the Coworking Library.

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