Coworking and Childcare: A Winning Formula

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For a quite some time, new parents were made to believe that it was impossible to be a thriving professional while also scoring some quality time with their little ones—and in most parts of the world itis still the case.

Third Door, however, seems to have created a winning coworking and childcare formula, which is founded on the conviction that new parents shouldn’t have to choose either or but that they should be able to have both. Speaking to Shazia Mustafa of Third Door, we take a deeper look at working parents and childcare.

The birth of Third Door

What started out as new mommy blues later turned into a brilliant business idea when Shazia struggled to balance work life and childcare. She found it difficult to get work done whilst looking after her child. Then came the realisation of how convenient it would be to go somewhere to work and still have her child close by. That was when the idea of merging a work hub with a nursery was born, and that resulted in the launch of Third Door.

The impact of having a new-born

Being a new parent can be quite lonely and most of the childcare duties often fall upon women more than they do on men. Spaces like Third Door aim to connect new moms with other new moms who might be going through similar experiences without making them feel like they are forfeiting certain parts of their professional or even personal lives. Top of mind for Third Door is changing how workspaces are for working mothers, working women, and making sure that they’re looking at inclusivity as a woman’s role changes over the years.

Coworking and childcare going forward

Going forward, there’s a still a huge opportunity to have the childcare aspect at more coworking spaces. However, it isn’t enough to just stick the childcare facility on to the coworking space. Moms don’t want their children in a room just playing, they want them to be educated and to be around people who care about their growth. Apart from childcare, spaces need to have lots of care for the actual working moms themselves, and any space that understands and implements this is bound to win the hearts of many new parents. 

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