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Who we are

We see all around us that collaboration is the new competition. We are swimming in a sea of new options, technologies, opportunities. From simple beginnings, independent coworking spaces have grown to become the largest in the sector by every metric: By square meters, by number of coworkers, by revenue, we are the largest and most important player by far.

Independent coworking spaces offer a welcome home to professional business, a place they love to work. And we also offer professional, well run spaces, a place your business can be proud to be a member of.

Who has the time to find or develop the tools that enable them to deliver the high level service and personal touch that their coworkers expect? How do you automate what should be automated to give you the time for the personal, community based collaborative approach that is the basis of this unprecedented growth in the first place?

We do. That’s what we do, we bridge the gap between high touch and high tech, so you can dance in the spaces between.

Cowork tools is a joint initiative of the European Coworking Assembly, Exodus Services and Velvet. What we share is our drive to create innovative solutions enabling freelancers, small businesses, and medium businesses to grow and do business at a high professional level, without having to change the unique personal character that makes them who they are. From a one person operation to a distributed team of 35 operating from all over the world, you know that no one else can do what you do like you do. We agree.


We have the technology to level the playing field: automation lets us do more and waste less time. But just tech isn't enough, it's impersonal and rife with errors from overstandardization


Humans need humans to perform at our best. Good, personal connections lead to growth and learning. But serendipity is not predictable and your people rely on you to get it right every time.

High Tech High Touch

Get the tools that bridge the gap between high touch and high tech, so you can work in the spaces between.


The GDPR Module ensures that personal and private data is safe for your coworkers, and guarantees that your policies and procedures are compliant and up to date for you and the community.


The way we work and the way payment services work, doesn’t always work. This pay service only works for these currencies, that one only works with those currencies, this one does credit cards but not bank transfers, and every single step requires fees and more fees.


The AML/KYC Module is an interface to be integrated in your onboarding process, in your management software and/or CRM package which ensures that your policies and procedures are compliant and up to date.

What We Offer

Why you need us

You are pivoting to include virtual memberships

Coworking spaces need the right tools to consistently deliver the kind of onboarding experience that their coworkers expect and deserve, and also to be sure that the community and their personal data is safe. Onboarding is the first impression of your business for your customer and using our tools assures them that this is a safe and welcoming place.

You are pivoting to include new target markets

The world is changing and technology is available to meet the need. But this brings with it new risks as well as rewards, which you may not know how to assess. Our tools give you the peace of mind you need.

You are focusing on meeting the needs of your own community

If you have hot and cold running lawyers and compliance officers and consultants on tap, as well as the budget to pay them, this may work for you. But the coworking businesses and coworkers we know and love do not have any of those things. Our tools make sure you are in compliance with the law, that your coworkers feel comfortable that you are handling their data securely and are protecting them, and that bad actors are kept out of your community. It’s a win-win-win.

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"GDPR tool makes my coworkers feel that their data is secured and protected. No matter how long I have been in the Coworking industry."
Peter M.
Coworking Operator
"AML/KYC module made me comfortable letting people use my Coworking Space for their business needs. Especially now that virtual coworkers are starting to see the potential of my space."
Stella C.
Coworking Space owner
"The Payment Module helped me get paid easily! ​I'm glad the Coworking Space I'm in took this kind of tool!"
Lauren P.
Coworking Space user

What People Say

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