As someone who runs a coworking or collaborative workspace in Europe you are probably swamped with what to do next.

Every day people like you in Europe are looking for Information, confidence and support about how to run their business in the months after COVID-19 lock down

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COVID and an uncertain economy

Uncertain, unsure where to go with no map.
The economy is turned upside down and my business is changing.

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I've worked hard to build a coworking space that helps other people and you should be able to find a way to keep going.

We've all been hit with anxiety and uncertainty in the last few Months. The world and economy has been turned upside down and even with all the Daily Media speculation no one knows what is going to happen.

With this team You have access to 100's of the smartest people in the European Coworking community and beyond. Sam, Carmen, Miryana and Mark are plugged in everyday to commercial, academic and economic sources to help find you the answers.

No more wasted time googling for answers, emailing or checking the media, find out what you need to do where you live in Europe. And forget spending hours hanging out on yet another live stream or “real-time” webinar just to get the ONE thing you need to know to move forward.

Instead, the European Coworking Assembly and friends offer direct answers to your most pressing questions about how to reboot your coworking business.

The answers you’ll get are from real-world success and failures from coworking spaces across Europe to the current COVID scenario,

We aim to help you unpack a better or faster way to overcome the challenges you are facing in the months ahead.

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(Let us know if you don’t want to be named on the video.)

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