About the European Coworking Assembly

or as our friends call us “The Assembly”

Independent coworking, taken as a whole, has the largest and most powerful network in Europe, and we are a part of a growing and changing entrepreneurial ecosystem. We want to leverage this network for good. 

To do that effectively we must speak with one voice and make decisions as a body about our part in the future of work.

The European Coworking Assembly is committed to this network of peers which is improving Europe in an open, collaborative and horizontal way.  

The Assembly has a European identity in the broadest sense of the word based on the five values of coworking: community, openness, sustainability, collaboration & accessibility.

The Assembly serves as the one point of contact between independent coworking in Europe and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which it finds itself:

  • by using technology to organise and support projects,
  • by forming partnerships and alliances,
  • by introducing our members to each other for future alliances based on their goals and values,
  • by supporting and arranging communication about Coworking in the media and other channels,
  • and by exploring the best business form in which to achieve our common goals.

The People

and faces behind “The Assembly”

The Faces Behind the Assembly

The Crew

Jeannine (Marlar) van der Linden

Jeannine van der Linden

Founder, manager, chief cook and bottle washer of DeKamer

Jeannine van der Linden is principal of the European Coworking Assembly, managing partner of Open Coworking, and founder of De Kamer, a collaborative coworking community with eight locations in the Netherlands for small business, non-profits, cultural and arts organisations, who seek to drive the economic engine with the new fuels: collaboration, communication, community. She is also trained as an American lawyer.

Projects involved

Alex Ahom

Alex Ahom


Alex has 15+ years of business development, operations, human resources, training and management experience in hospitality, retail, recruitment, sports, education, tech and media. 

Passionate about empowering teams to act now while leading long term sustainable growth. His long term vision is to help others turn their goals into successful and sustainable realities.

Projects involved


Bernie J Mitchell

Podcaster and connector

Bernie J Mitchell is a connected and resourceful part of the team with a strong dedication to business development. Marketing runs deep within Bernie’s vines and it has been for the past 20 years.

He has years of experience with podcasting, blogging and email communication to ensure the right message is conveyed.

Projects involved


Željko Crnjaković (Jack)

Producer and Podcaster

Zeljko has been helping businesses develop simple messages to increase their ROI, audience engagement and internal productivity. Providing a turn-key creative process for developing digital content and practical consultation. 

He hosts the Coworking Values Podcasts, producing and growing the podcast aimed at all things coworking, coliving, communities and more.

Projects involved

Johanna Voll

Researcher and Coworking enthusiast

Johanna is a researcher at the European University Viadrina, board member of the German Coworking Federation e.V. and coworking enthusiast.

Projects involved

Carsten Foertsch

Founder of Deskmag and the Global Coworking Survey

Carsten conducts the annual Global Coworking Survey and operates Deskmag, the online magazine about coworking, its people and spaces.

Projects involved

Hector Kolonas

Founder of included.co and built coworkinglibrary.com

Hector is the founder of included.co which provides powerful member benefit programmes to 100s of coworking, freelancer and gig-economy communities.

Projects involved

tash t

Tash Thomas

Inclusion and Diversity Advocate

Tash Thomas is an inclusion and diversity advocate and speaker. She is currently the cofounder of a unique LGBTQIA+ travel and relationship blog – Breaking the Distance. 

She is also a professional presenter and panelist, often being invited to advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as women of colour. 

Tash has a passion for creating change. All the work she does is towards creating a more equal world.

Projects involved

Peri Taylor

Peri Taylor

Freelancer, marketing consultant

Peri Taylor is a freelance marketing professional with over 20 years of marketing experience in both the business and non-profit sectors.

She has a plethora of expertise and can immediately comprehend the needs of a firm by capitalising on and utilising available resources. Her passion is coworking, painting and working with people with diverse backgrounds. 

Projects involved


Mike Zeidler

Director - Collaborative Spaces UK

Mike Zeidler is the director of Collaborative Places UK: the Association of Coworking and Collaboration has 25+ years experience in ‘responsible business’ and enterprise that keeps the wellbeing of people and the planet in mind. He is especially interested in mutual learning, getting stuff done, and making the most of his connected potential. Mike adds value through the rich diversity of his connections to people, places and ideas.

Projects involved


Jose Antonio Morales

Social entrepreneur, rural coworking advocate

Jose Antonio Morales is the founder and manager of the Lincoln Island Initiative wherein Aurora Coworking is a part of. 

Jose helps people create chances and find meaning in their lives through entrepreneurship. He is passionate about Social Entrepreneurship and transforming the world into a more just and sustainable place for all of its people.

Projects involved

Piotr Boulangé

Piotr Boulangé

Coworking expert, founder and CEO

Piotr Boulangé is the founder and CEO of Multicowork, a WeWork Labs manager, Founder Institute Warsaw director, and coworking expert. He has worked for and advised corporations as well as startups. Others are helped, trained, and mentored by him. Sociologist by birth and education, completed an Executive MBA in Quality Process Management, and is currently writing a PhD on the benefits of working in coworking spaces. He enjoys ultramarathons.

Projects involved


Marko Orel

Assistant professor / head of center for Workplace Research

Marko Orel is an assistant professor and head of the Centre for Workplace Research (CWER) at Prague University of Economics and Business. He specialises in exploring the changing nature of the workplace and the transformation of work. Marko has published several chapters and papers in journals such as World Leisure Journal and Review of Management Science.

Marko is one of the Scientific Committee for the Coworking Symposium, which focuses on the most recent studies and practical developments in coworking and the flexible workspace industry.

Projects involved

Alumni and Other Members


Mike LaRosa

Flex workspace expert, remote work enthusiast

Mike LaRosa has been on lists such as “Most Influential People in Coworking”. Since 2013 he has researched, studied and visited over 600 flex workspace locations. Mike’s love of marketing and advertising led him to discover the concept of flexible working.

Christian C

Christian Cordes

Founder - German Coworking Federation

The German Coworking Federation’s founder and board chairman. He founded the Schiller40 Coworking space in Wolfsburg in 2012 and currently serves as the City of Wolfsburg’s top urban digital development officer. Christian established Wolfsburg’s digital creative and cultural department and oversaw numerous projects for the German and European coworking family.


Ivanne Poussier

Inclusion and diversity advocate

Ivanne Poussier is an expert in urban strategies with a solid background in the Humanities. She advocates for a more open, diverse and inclusive future of work. Long involved in women’s professional networks, she has toured women-focused coworking spaces across Europe.

She also founded Ada Coworking in tribute to Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer in history.


Caroline van Keymeulen de Oliveira

Founder - European Coworking Academy

Caroline is the founder of the European Coworking Academy. With over 10 years experience as a business owner in HR and event hospitality, she helps spaces and people grow and facilitates the right training for coworking consultants.

From defining strategy to concept design to execution for businesses.

Kofi O

Kofi Oppong

Entrepreneur, founder of Urban MBA

Once without a home himself, Kofi built a career in sport and social enterprise before founding Urban MBA to create opportunities for other young people.

His passion lies in helping out of school youths to achieve success by providing the opportunities and the means to succeed. 

Ashley P

Ashley Proctor

Systems change and social justice advocate, founder Creative Blueprint, Coworking Canada and COHIP

As one of the founders of the coworking movement, Ashley works collaboratively to animate, nurture and empower resilient, thriving communities. She has dedicated a lifetime to breaking down barriers, fighting for change, justice, equity, agency, inclusion, accessibility and a just recovery for all.

Jacqueline Mayer (Boulos)

Jacqueline Mayer

Founder, relationship management and communications strategist

Jacqueline has spent the previous 19 years honing the terms, goals, and ideals of reputation management. Her interest in strategy and its implementation has developed over time.

She believes that communication must cut through the noise by speaking to the right people at the right time with the correct message. 

By doing so, Jacqueline has been instrumental in the success of various coworking initiatives by communicating the correct message to the right people. 

The Entity

The European Coworking Assembly is a Dutch foundation registered with the DeKamer van Koophandel Netherlands under the name Stichting European Coworking Assembly, number 73105058 with its address at: Zandheuvel 52 B, 4901HW, Oosterhout, the Netherlands.

IBAN: NL55BUNQ2033781585
Account Name: Stichting European Coworking Assembly
Bank Name: Bunq Bank

VAT number: NL859356711B01

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