A Complete Guide to Founding a Successful Coworking Space

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The secret to opening a successful coworking space is to just start, right? Well not quite. 

Speaking to experienced coworking members, Fiona Ross, of Pink Scottie, and Monika Solak, Head of Sales for Nexudus, we looked at the thought process involved and some critical steps to consider when opening a coworking space. Coworking space software integration helps you manage and keep track of your coworking space.

Where to start?

Before buying a building, make sure you have a clear understanding of who you want to attract to your space. It is important to make sure you understand coworking, and if you’re new to creating a coworking space, talk to other people, visit other places for motivation and to collect some ideas. Some key things to consider are how big you want your space to be, do you need a kitchen, what type of equipment will you need?

When it comes to deciding the location of your coworking space, you need to ask yourself the following questions: is my area in plain sight? Will people be able to find or access it without trouble? Am I opting for a neighbourhood atmosphere, or do I want something different?

Coworking space software

People frequently spend money on technology that doesn’t support their procedures. The other challenge is having a structure or technology in one’s location that doesn’t suit the company. It is extremely important that the technology should suit your company, not vice versa.

The coworking management solution tends to be the central function of the business and then everything else you do; you want to be able to coordinate in with that. 

People often do not track what is the technology that the landlord provides them. It is advisable that before you make any decision on any investment in terms of technology to take a look at the market. Look at the different types of coworking software solutions and find out with which solutions they integrate, because you might end up with a solution that was costly and impossible to change. 

How long does the mapping process take

No two businesses are the same and it is therefore advisable that each business takes their time with the mapping. It may take a week, it may take months. It is all dependent  on how complex it is and how many services you want to serve, and what kind of technology you want to implement in your space. Do not rush the mapping process as this will give your business a solid foundation.

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