European Coworking Assembly

Projects Underway

We connect coworking with the ecosystem in which it finds itself: the growing entrepreneurial landscape that is Europe.

We are coworkers, coworking spaces, federations and alliances, and others dedicated to the values baked into the DNA of Coworking: Openness, Community, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Sustainability.

But stating our values is not enough, it is also necessary to act.

We believe that governance participation is what being a member should mean. Otherwise you’re just a consumer in a fanclub.

We maintain that if you had time and resources to do it yourself, you would already have done it.

Together we can do it, and only together. In associations and organisations, information and relationships are increasingly commodified. The power of network sociality – directories of members and getting to show a logo on your website – are interesting, but coworking is maturing and those directories are becoming the prize in a competition of clubs.

You are not a prize to us. We are the movement. We want everyone. Your input, your insight, your hands and your heart, are the Coworking Assembly.